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Considering our knowledge, experience and contacts, netPlan mobile ltd. is well suited to carry out such tasks as drive test measurements, antenna and base station installation (eg. swap, extension and demolation of sites, antenna directioning for optimization), coordination of drive test teams and optimizing GSM/UMTS networks. We are convinced that netPlan mobile ltd. will gain the trust of their contractors with their reliable, precise and responsible work as Nokia Siemens Networks, Siemens Plc., Vodafone Hungary, Vodafone Global, T-mobile Hungary and Antecom Co. are the guarantee for it.

The aim was  to plan, organize and execute wide range of  telecommunication jobs (eg: Line Of Sites, Drive test monitoring, Post processing, etc.). At the very beginnings netPlan mobile ltd. was a subcontractor of Vodafone and fullfilled diverse tasks, cooperating with vendors like Finnish Nokia or German Siemens. Our company has gained a broad spectrum of professional experience in the very first years, which were successfully adopted  in our further projects.

LTE solutions

netPlan mobile ltd. LTE Testing solution provides you with thorough and proven capability for drive and handheld testing measurements with LTE user equipment and scanners using all relevant Key Performance Indicators. Equipped also with full-featured LTE data analysis and post-processing capabilities, the solution covers each stage of the LTE rollout, from planning to deployment and optimization.

A single-laptop solution for LTE measurements

netPlan mobile ltd.  Outdoor solution supports simultaneous measurements with LTE user equipment and scanners. The current user equipment solution is based on the following LTE devices:

  • Qualcomm LTE chipsets (MDM9200/MDM9600)
  • Bandrich LTE modems
  • Huawei E398
  • Sierra Wireless 313U
  • Sierra Wireless 320U
  • ZTE MF820T

netPlan mobile ltd. Outdoor solution currently supports LTE UE parameters, for example, for coverage/quality measurements (e.g., RSRP, TX power, RSRQ, SNR, BLER, CQI), physical channel and cell measurements, link adaptation, RRC/NAS signaling, RACH procedures, MAC layer statistics, EMM/ESM sessions, and application quality measurements (e.g., data throughputs, video streaming quality, email testing).
Nemo Outdoor enables LTE scanning in synchronization with user equipment measurements, with high scanning speed and superior measurement accuracy. Nemo Outdoor currently supports LTE scanning options with Nemo FSR1. The scanners offer full-featured scanning capabilities supporting RSSI scanning and TOP-N signal measurements (OFDMA scanning) in both reference signal and sync channel (P-SCH/S-SCH) measurement modes. Nemo FSR1 supports all FDD bands and the TDD bands 36 and 38.

Analyze Best-in-class data visualization

Combinedwith    Anite’s    high-performance    post-processing    solution Nemo Analyze our measurement tools provide a comprehensive solution for each stage of LTE rollout, from planning to deployment and optimization. Nemo Analyze comes with predefined routines and report templates for the common troubleshooting and optimization tasks of LTE networks, such as, pilot pollution, interference analysis, and cell footprint reports.


Nemo FSR1 is a cutting-edge scanning receiver that provides accurate RF measurements of wireless networks across multiple bands and technologies. Each scanner features two plug-in modular RF down converters (DC) and up to eight bands. Technologies and frequencies can be added by simply plugging in new down converters or flashing in new software licenses without ever returning the receiver to the factory. Nemo FSR1 supports measurements on LTE, WCDMA, GSM, CDMA, and EVDO networks.

LTE support:

  • Frequency options available from 700MHz up to 2.6GHz
  • High-speed scanning and sensitivity for accurate measurements
  • Full-scale scanning measurements supported
    • RSSI measurements
    • Top-N scanning for synchronization and reference signals
  • (quality and power)
  • Supports all FDD bands and the TDD bands 36 and 38
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